Book Giveaway! Dean’s List: Eleven Habits of Highly Successful College Students

If you have shopped at any large retailer lately, you probably realize school is almost back in session. Not only can you easily find parents buying lunchboxes and backpacks for the younger set, but shopping carts filled with new dorm decor for the Class of 2016 also dot the aisles.

While we understand the importance of finding the right comforter and can advocate for the importance of empty milk crates as a key to dorm-room organization, we also know that the transition to college also requires good decisions. John B. Bader’s 2011 book Dean’s List: Eleven Habits of Highly Successful College Students offers a thoughtful, common-sense approach to higher education that allows every student to achieve. The book features tips from deans at many top U.S. institutions on not only how to get an “A” but also how to effectively embrace college life and become independent.

We want to share these tips with one lucky blog reader. The first reader to name one of the 11 habits Bader talks about in his book in the comments below with advice on how to develop that habit will get a free copy of Dean’s List.


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7 responses to “Book Giveaway! Dean’s List: Eleven Habits of Highly Successful College Students

  1. Liene

    Focus on learning, not on grades: reinforce learning by rewarding not good grades on exams, but developing good study habits.

  2. Emily

    Focusing on learning, not on grades! This would be a great gift for one of my incoming freshman in my mentor group!

    • brendanccoyne

      Thanks for commenting, Emily. Unfortunately, Liene beat you to it and so we cannot give you a free copy of the book. However you (and the students in your mentor group) can get the book for 25% off of the list price directly through us. Simply follow this link and enter code HNAF at checkout:

      If your mentor group is large (20 or more students) it may be worth your while to drop me (Brendan Coyne) a note and I can provide you with information on bulk purchase discounts. My e-mail is

  3. Swadesh Deepak

    Coping with failure

  4. How to develop the habit of “coping with failure”? My advice(self-learned) is to take lessons from the failure, analyze and recognize one’s shortcomings and working on getting over the shortcoming(s). After all, we need to remind ourselves that failures are the pillars of success. A failure gives us a tougher mindset and motivation to succeed the next time because we need to inculcate a feeling of “I can do it.”

    • brendanccoyne


      Thank you for entering our book giveaway contest. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, you were not the first person to post an answer and so you did not win. You can still though purchase the book at a 25% discount by following this link and entering code HNAF at checkout.

      Thanks again for entering the contest and for reading our blog.