Book giveaway – Faces of the Civil War

Attention Civil War buffs and students of African American history: We’re giving away a signed set of Ronald Coddington’s Faces of the Civil War books! That’s three books, Faces of the Civil War, Faces of the Confederacy, and African American Faces of the Civil War, for the answer to one simple question. The question is below, and the first person to post the correct answer in comments wins.

Good luck!

Q: Name the prominent black nationalist and first African American field officer who said to President Abraham Lincoln, “I propose, sir, an army of blacks, commanded by black officers.”


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18 responses to “Book giveaway – Faces of the Civil War

  1. Bailey Walsh

    Martin Delany.

  2. William Meehan

    Martin Delaney

  3. carolee888

    Surgeon Martin Delaney


  4. Mary Berman

    Was it Martin Delany?

  5. jgilot

    Martin Delany, if memory serves.

  6. jgilotJE

    Martin Delaney, if memory serves.

  7. Chad Palmer

    Martin Delany is the correct answer I believe,.

  8. john banks

    martin delaney

  9. Herbert Metzler

    Martin R. Delaney

  10. Curtis W Norris

    Martin Delaney

  11. Scott Hann

    Frederick Douglas.

  12. Scott Hann

    Check that, I didn’t read the question carefully. The correct response is Martin Delany.

  13. Kathleen Heyworth


  14. Bonnie Britz

    It’s rather late to be doing this, the contest having been up for two days, but the first African-American field officer to propose “an army of blacks, commanded by black officers” to President Lincoln was Martin Delany.

  15. brendanccoyne

    As all of the comments here note, the correct answer to the question is indeed Martin Delany. Since Bailey Walsh was the first to post the set of signed books goes to him.

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