Austen-mania book giveaway!

Okay Austen-philes, now that the 2012 JASNA (that’s the Jane Austen Society of America to the uninitiated) is through and your lives have returned to some semblance of normalcy, here’s your chance to test your knowledge of Jane Austen and her times.

Allowing for variant spellings, the real-world occupants at Baddesley Clinton share with Austen’s protagonists in Sense and Sensibility so prominent a name (first and last) that it remains emblazoned upon the stained-glass windows of their medieval manor.  What is this shared name?

We’ll send a copy of Janine Barchas’s Matters of Fact in Jane Austen to the first two people to correctly answer this question in comments to this post.

(Hint: Savvy readers might pick up on the answer simply by reading Professor Barchas’s recent post to our blog. A close look at the illustrations in her book also gives away the answer.)

Have at it!


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15 responses to “Austen-mania book giveaway!

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    A chance to win Janine Barchas’s Matters of Fact in Jane Austen!

  2. Mary Preston

    I have to say Edward Ferrers.

  3. rearadmiral


  4. I know the answer because I already have [and am currently reading] the book – so not fair to out the name before anyone else has a chance – but I do highly recommend the book!

  5. Catherine


  6. rearadmiral

    Edward Ferras

  7. Tess Gingrich

    Edward Ferrers – Baddesley Clinton passed into his family when Sir Edward Ferrers married the daughter of then owner Nicholas Brome

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    Janine Barchas has spoken at AGM’s.

  9. I bought this at the AGM and had it signed! I look forward to reading it. Nice of you to give copies away.

  10. RedRose15

    Edward Ferrars!