AHA 2014 Virtual Exhibit


Whether you’re unable to make it to Washington, DC, for the 128th annual meeting of the American Historical Association or you’re here but simply don’t have the time to give our books a journals a proper look we have a solution: the JHU Press AHA 2014 virtual exhibit! Have a look around.

To order books simply go to our shopping cart and enter the ISBN and quantity and then click “add to cart.” Enter code HEYJ at checkout to receive our 30% meeting discount.

Need help? Send an e-mail to Brendan Coyne or tweet him @JHUPsales.

Our AHA 2014 Program Ad

Here’s the order form. Please feel free to download it for later use.

Click the links below to browse separate sections of the exhibit

Early America

Southern/Chesapeake history

War of 1812/Civil War

Late 19th/early 20th century

20th & 21st century

History of science/technology/medicine

History of education/higher education policy


Don’t forget to grab a copy of our History catalog

While you’re here, why not check out our Spring 2014 and Fall 2013 seasonal catalogs?

Questions for our acquisitions editor?

If you were hoping to bend the ear of our history editor during the AHA, then please contact Bob Brugger. He’s in D.C. but will get back to you as soon as time allows.

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