SVP 13 virtual exhibit entrance


Welcome to our virtual SVP 2013 exhibit. Everything we have on display and available for purchase at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology’s annual meeting in Los Angeles is here to browse and purchase no matter where you are. We’re offering a 25% discount, so take a look around. Have questions or need help? Send an e-mail to Brendan Coyne or tweet him @JHUPsales.

To order books simply go to our shopping cart and enter the ISBN and quantity and then click “add to cart.” Enter code HEYG at checkout to receive our 25% meeting discount. Or call Hopkins Fulfillment Service, 800-537-5487. Be sure to use code HEYG to get your discount.

Subject areas

Mammalian evolution

Dinosaurs/non-mammalian evolution

Natural history/ecology


Related interest


Grab our SVP13 order form and Science subject catalog for later use.

Order form

Subject catalog. 

Questions for our acquisitions editor?

Hoping to bend the ear of Vincent Burke, our science editor? Send him an e-mail and he’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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